An Artist en Plein Air

Cosimo Gottschall lives his passion: art. From a young age, he loved drawing and found joy in creative work. “When I create, time stands still,” he says, expressing his deep dedication to art. Although he earned a degree in industrial engineering, Cosimo’s path diverged from his original plan. After graduation, he pursued his dreams, marking the start of his artistic journey and leading him to explore various art forms and materials.

Cosimo enjoys discovering new places and cultures. His curiosity took him to Fuerteventura for nearly a year in 2022 and then to Morocco for six months in 2023, where he was inspired by the vibrant markets and barren landscapes. In 2024, he spent two and a half months in Japan on a self-directed residency program, enriching his artistic perspective and inspiring new creative directions.

His love for nature and the sea is evident in both his art and hobbies. Cosimo enjoys surfing and spending time by the sea. His T4 camper serves as both a means of travel and a mobile studio, enabling him to work outdoors and embrace new adventures.